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The group-learning exercise facilitated by the iAct app emphasizes key methodologies which will make a difference in the classroom, particularly under difficult circumstances. Once inspired by the learned approaches, the teacher will be able to find similar ways to apply the principle of: “I hear, I forget. I see, I remember. I do, I understand!” In terms of weekly topics, the course is structured as follows. Download the full course outline here.


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Module One: Planning interactive learning

  • Week 1: Planning group activities in large or multi-grade classes
  • Week 2: Implementing interactive group work
  • Week 3: Planning to use locally found resources
  • Week 4: Collect, sort and store locally found resources
  • Week 5: Implement a lesson using locally found resources

Module Two: Managing interactive learning

  • Week 1: Balancing whole class teaching and group work in large or multi-grade classes
  • Week 2: Planning and implementing language activities in multi-grade/multi-level classes
  • Week 3: Planning and preparing mathematics games to use in multi-grade/multi-level classes
  • Week 4: Implementing mathematics games in multi-grade/multi-level classes
  • Week 5: Involving community members in school learning activities

Module Three: Questions for interactive learning

  • Week 1: Learning by talking and questioning
  • Week 2: Encouraging participation: Creating a safe learning environment
  • Week 3: Asking different kinds of questions
  • Week 4: Helping learners to ask questions
  • Week 5: Planning and implementing learning activities that promote questioning

Module Four: Observing and investigating for interactive learning

  • Week 1: Problem solving for learning
  • Week 2: Implementing a real life problem solving activity
  • Week 3: Learning through observation
  • Week 4: Learning through investigation
  • Week 5: Planning and implementing learning activities that use observation and investigation