iAct A free Android app for teachers

What is iAct?

iAct stands for “interactive learning and teaching”. iAct teaching methods boost an educator’s teaching skills tremendously, resulting in better learner performance and making life in the classroom better and more participatory for both teachers and pupils. The iAct application takes groups of pre-primary and primary school teachers through a school-based continuing professional development course. While it was primarily designed for untrained volunteer primary school teachers working in Zambia’s community-managed schools, it is a big opportunity for every educator who wants to improve or refresh their pedagogical skills.

In terms of the course structure and content, iAct has a total of four modules which are each covered over a five week period. The course is therefore done over the course of 20 weekly exercises. See the course structure here and learn more about the iAct programme in Zambia in the video below.

Why iAct?

In the 1990s and early 2000s, access to primary education was limited and Zambian citizens started setting up community supported schools that were manned by untrained volunteer teachers. While lack of teacher training is often compensated by intrinsic motivation to a certain extent, many volunteer teachers are not skilled in contemporary teaching and learning methodologies that emphasize learning by doing. Even for trained government teachers, this approach has only been emphasised by Zambia’s new curriculum in 2013. Beyond the Zambian experience, iAct is applicable in any education system that faces similar challenges. Learn more about the Zambian iAct case study.

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